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Study With Kathleen

For artists to consistently create strong work, they must possess creative vision, focus, and a certain level of basic skills. When studying with Kathleen, students can expect to receive an emphasis on learning these skills which include academic drawing, composition, color theory and other technical aspects. When Kathleen was a student herself at the Cleveland Institute of Art, she was required to take two years of foundational classes to learn these basic skills with an additional three years of focused study to earn her BFA. She credits this strong foundational structure along with 30+ years working as a professional artist to her success and to the expertise she brings to her students.


Kathleen’s teaching experience began approximately twenty years ago, after building and opening her own studio. She divided her time between creating commissioned portraits, teaching art classes and private lessons to the community, and raising her two daughters. Over time, her teaching avenues expanded to include art guilds, continuing education programs at several colleges, as well as museum and gifted high-school programs. Having taught hundreds of students over the years, Kathleen finds fulfillment knowing that she passes on knowledge, fosters creativity, and helps students refine their artistic voice.


Currently, she teaches drawing and painting through art organizations and museum programs as well as instructing a few select adult students in her home studio in Taylors, South Carolina. If you would like to take a class or workshop with Kathleen, follow the links below for current offerings.

Private Study

If you are interested in private study, or having Kathleen teach a class or workshop in your area,

click the link below for inquiries.


June 25, 2024

Introduction to Colored Pencils

Greenville Center for Creative Arts

June 25, 2024

Drawing Fundamentals

Greenville Center for Creative Arts
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